Stefan Malzner

Stefan Malzner is an award winning Vienna based product designer, triathlete, burger lover and founder of Franz.

Stefan started his career at the young age of 14 by founding his first startup Global Artists, a community for digital designers and photographers. After his graphic design apprenticeship he worked as a digital designer for companies like Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Shell, Volkswagen and on the weekends he toured as a DJ and VJ all over Europe. For the last couple of years he has been on a mission to find the best burger recipe and founded FranzHorst, GreteBloodirony Games, WunderPreview and

In 2016, Stefan won the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award for Best Desktop App of the Year with his messaging app Franz.

Stefan Malzner
Goldschlagstraße 172/4/7
1140 Vienna, Austria

VatID: ATU71675467